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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When It's Over

Last night, the wind whispers to me.. "It's over, get up and look up to the sky. It's a brand new day tommorow". The quite sound of the night and the sound of the wind pacificate me into a sweet dream. It's calm and peaceful.

After a few months of hardship and losing sleep, I finally can get my good night sleep. One by one, I stumbled the stones of troubles. No more hatred, no more anger, no more resentments and the best of all, no more nuisance. It's calm and peaceful.

This morning, I look at the big sky. It's blue and clear. With the white clouds moving slowly from one side to another. Hmm, another brand new day.. light.. as if I had the wings to fly. It's calm and peaceful.

When it's over, you will learn that there's a price to pay for everything. There are things you sacrifice in order to gain another. And there will always be an end for every story. Nothing in this human world is eternal.

And what do you do? You close the old chapters in your book of life, and prepare to write a new chapter in this new blank page.

At the end of the day (before you close your eyes and stop breathing), you can read your "book of life" all over again. And... smile.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Seneca

15.04.08 ~ via, opening a new page