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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friendship and Music

Someone once said to me, "i like the way you talk about friendships". Come to look at it, well yeah.. Most of the topic in this blog is about friendship.

If you ask me, I would say.. friendship is like music. There are music that we can instantly like, even if we only hear the first 3 seconds of it. There are some that we halt after hearing the first few seconds. There also the kinds that we have to listen for quite some time, over and over again, til we realize the meaning, and we starts to like it.

In certain times, we stop listening to our favorite musics and safely store it in our CD boxes or hard disks. And maybe some time in the future, we'll browse our collections and bump in to this song, the song that we used to like very much. And we'll put it in our music player and starts listening to it.. the melodies, the lyrics.. indulge us in reminiscence.

Some music can lift our spirit, make us feel energized, and some make us feel comfortable and relaxed, some other have melodramatic melodies, and it can make us feel sad and blue.

But, we can't live without music, like we can't live without friends..

21.03.09 ~ via, listening to my favorite music