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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank You

Secret Garden - THANK YOU
(lyrics by Brendan Graham)

If I lived to be a thousand years,
If I ruled the word – it’s hemispheres,
I could not repay the love you brought my way,
So, I want to say it now
To thank you for each day you gave me.

Thank you for the Mondays,
Saturdays and Sundays,
Everyday, the whole year through;
Thank you for the fun days,
All those number-one days,
Battles-to-be-won days, too;
I just want to say it,
Thank you for each day with…you.

We have just one life to seize the day,
We only have what time there is to say…
‘n’do what we must do, express our gratitude,
So, I want to say it and sing it now to you.


At the close of every day,
When I close my eyes to pray,
All I need to do, is just to think of you…
Then, all I need to say…is…


Sebelum tahun ini akhirnya berakhir, aku ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada malaikat-malaikat pelindungku yang tanpa kusadari, selama ini selalu berada di sana dan melihatku. Terima kasih karena selalu menjagaku, terima kasih karena selalu menjadi tempat aku berkeluh kesah, terima kasih karena selalu mengajari aku menjadi orang yang lebih baik, terima kasih karena selalu memberi aku kekuatan untuk tidak menyerah.

Dan kepada satu malaikatku yang paling spesial, terima kasih untuk setiap hari yang kau ceriakan. Terima kasih untuk setiap hari kita berbagi. Terima kasih untuk setiap hari ... bersamamu.

I know this smile is here, because of you..

29.12.08 ~ via, thanks to you

Thursday, December 4, 2008


"I wish I can be slimmer"
"I wish she knew how I feel"
"I wish there will be no traffic jam"
"I wish it's not gonna rain today"

Does all that sounds familiar to you? Well, each of us has something that we wished for; every second, every minute and every hour of our lives. Big or small. Every wishes that we make are all in favor for a better, easier, and happier life.

Me myself too, made some wishes.. which I wanna share with you:
- Before I discover this marvellous L world, I kept on wishing I can find this special place where I belong, I kept on dreaming that someday I can meet people who is just like me. who is..

- When I entered this world, I wish I can give back something to the community.. I wish I can help those people who have the same questions and confusions as much as I did. Those, who are looking for answers but can't find the way to it.

- When I finally have something that I can give, I wish that it can be helpful for everyone. I wish they can feel comfortable and happy. Thus, it will make me happy too.

- When I'm feeling hopeless and confused, I wish that I can get through the hard times and become a better person afterwards.

- When I fell in love with a girl, I wish she could just see what's inside of me, and she could've loved me the way that I loved her. I wish... she could be mine.

But things doesn't always happen exactly like what I'd wished for. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. No matter what, the wishes are always there.. giving me hope for a better life.

There's one story from a good friend of mine, which inspires me to write about "wishes":

It's about a 7 year old boy who found a magical necklace that can grant any wishes of the beholder. However, the wishes is like a time machine, it can only be done towards the future.

The first wish he made is, to become a teenager so that he can go anywhere and everywhere he wants without getting scold by his parents. *cring!*

He got it.. he is a free young man now. However, he is not satisfied. He wants to be an adult who has a stable job and making his own money. then again, *cring!* he got what he wished for. Now, he is a 30ish man and is married to a beautiful wife..

One day he was walking around the park and he sees a rich and successful man. He then thinks, "It's gonna be fun to be like that!" So, he made another wish. *cring!*

There, he became a 45 year old successful and rich man, and he had one grandchild. He enjoyed living in that life for a while. Until, he sees a much richer man who has many companies and doesn't even need to work anymore.

U guess? Yep! He made another wish to be a billionaire. *cring!*

In a blink of an eye, he became a 70 years old billionaire who owns many companies, a yacht and a private jet. He is happy at that time, and one day, he is travelling around the world in his yacht.

Suddenly, he feels so tired.. the body won't compromise. Most of his friends are old and dying. His parents and in-laws had passed away, so did his wife. His children are busy with their own lives. At that very moment, he realized he is alone and how lonely this world is. While, everything goes so fast, without him ever experiencing any ups and downs of his life. He got his wishes to easily and he took it for granted.

The moral of the story is: Life is a journey and it's not just a sudden loop from one dot to another.


Well, every step in our life, every wishes we made, every hope that we have inside our heart.
Everything! makes our life worthwhile. Life is a journey, and every journey isn't always gonna be flawless, sometimes we have to get through an ugly and winding road to get to our destination. Sometimes it even feels scary, but hey.. you gotta make it somehow, cos there's no turning back. Time will never wait.

Oh, and yeah.. wishes do sometimes come true. So, becareful what you wished for! ;)

04.12.08 ~ via, wishing all the best for all of you